Friday, July 6, 2012

Nursing Strike

We got back from a wonderful camping trip on Tuesday when Baby H (9 months old)  suddenly decided to go on a nursing strike.  He doesn't appear to be teething, so I'm not sure what prompted it.  I've been pumping, but he doesn't know how to use bottles or sippy cups, so for the first two days the only way he'd take my milk was with a spoon.  Between pumping, spoon-feeding milk to my baby, loading him up on solid food, and taking care of two three-year-olds, it seems that all the time has been sucked out of my day - thus I haven't had the energy to blog all week.  Baby H finally figured out how to use a straw, so I think things will get easier.  I'm also getting over the emotional shock of a baby who happily nursed 8 or more times a day suddenly refusing to even be held in a nursing position (although I'm still holding on to the hope that he'll go back to breastfeeding).

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