Friday, June 29, 2012

Misc Preschool Activities

When I was going through my photos I realized I've taken a few pictures of activities that we've been doing this week that either I've already blogged about, or are not really worthy of their own blog post.  Here's a glimpse of some of these miscellaneous preschool-level learning activities that L and E (35 months) have been doing ...

We're a bit stuck on Rightstart Math - meaning that we've gotten through a quarter of the lessons, but I don't feel like the girls have the level of mastery of the material that I'd like, so we're going back and repeating some lessons.  Using stir-sticks to create geometric shapes is actually one of the activities they are very good at.  For some reason, putting objects into containers never seems to get old, either (the girls have been doing this since 1.5 years old)...

To practice the Rightstart Math concepts they were not so good at, I took out the Homemade Math Manipulative Hearts that I made a couple months ago, and the girls practiced identifying groups of objects from 1-5:

When I went to Target husband-free, I was able to refresh our stash of craft/play supplies and I bought a 24-color pack of playdough (yes, I know I can easily make it at home, but the flour we have around here is gluten-free and expensive, so I'd rather just get the store-bought kind).  So the girls have been playing with their 'new' playdough nearly every day.  Usually the theme is making food for their babies, but they use all sorts of great fine motor skills such as rolling, cutting with knives, etc..  Here, E is making shish-kabob:

I realized that I've totally neglected our puzzle-work when I was busy with my job (which I left a couple weeks ago).  The girls have been very interested in puzzles lately.  I'll have to get them some more complicated ones for their birthdays (I can't believe my babies will be 3 years old next month!!).

It's been really hot lately, so there has been a lot of exploration at the water table.  We've been finding objects and testing whether they sink of float, trying to make various currents, and learning that water flows downhill.  Here's a tin-foil river we made and tried to flood in our Story of the World studies about the Nile (plus it makes a great slide for Baby Cow).

There's always creative play with their toys and various objects.  For example, the girls lined up these plastic pegs and made up a game where they had to jump over them:

Here's another fine-motor-game the girls took out and completed all on their own initiative - putting clothes pins around a container:

Of course there is daily art exploration going on around here as always:

On this day, we had just watched a Little Pim video, so the girls asked for their colors and described what they were doing in French (using our best effort with all of our limited vocabulary).

I'm often having so much fun playing with the kids that I forget to take the camera out, so this is just a little glimpse of the fun activities we've been doing..

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