Thursday, June 21, 2012

Baby H Update (9 months old)

I'm really excited about Baby H's current age (9 months) because it is so much fun watching him explore his world. I'm so lucky to be blessed with a quiet, content, smiley baby.  I love how he can transform things like measuring cups, plastic spoons, and large lids into hours of entertainment (yes, you heard me right, this boy can play for over an hour by himself with just a handful of toys!).  I'm constantly on the lookout for miscellaneous containers and other objects for him to play with, and I'm starting to think up more ideas for homemade games.  Here are some photos of Baby H in action..

When E (34 months) isn't looking, Baby H likes to play with her doll stroller.  Of course nearly everything he finds interesting gets abruptly taken from him when his sisters are around, including his own toys.

Lately, Baby H has been using both his feet to play with toys.  He passes toys back and forth between his hands and feet, and sometimes intentionally places them out of reach so he can experiment with trying to reach them with his hands and/or feet.

Big sisters L and E love to play with their baby brother.  They are great helpers, and know how to make him laugh when he's fussy and I have my hands busy with other things.  E spends the most time playing with her brother, but I managed to catch a rare moment in this photo of L kissing H's hands.

I really love the family dynamic we have going on with the two older girls and a baby boy.  Baby H is learning so much just by being around his older sisters and observing everything.  When I was pregnant with H, I was worried about how I'd be able to dedicate enough time to all three children.  But when I saw a photo in one of their books of a girl reading a book to her baby brother, I knew we'll be able to manage just fine... and we have! 

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