Thursday, April 12, 2012

Interviewing 2 Year Olds

A while ago, I read another blog where a mother interviews her children every year and records their responses (sorry, I can't find the link now).  I thought that was a really cute idea, and wanted to give it a try with the twins (32 months old):

Me: What is your name?
L: L---
Me: How old are you?
L: 2 years old.
 (so far so good)
Me: What is your favorite thing to do?
L: Play.
Me: What games do you like to play?
L: Play "chocpaf".
Me: Play chocolate?
L: No.  Play "chocpaf".
Me: Can you explain?
L: Soap.
Me: Soap?
L: "chocpaf" soap.
Me: Chocolate soap?
L: No.
(this is the point I realized that to interview a 2 year old it would probably be helpful to understand what they she is saying.)
Me: Umm.. ok.. Let's ask your sister some questions.
(call E over)
Me: What is your name?
E: E---
Me: What do you like to do?
E: Play "chocpaf".
Me: Can you show me?
(blank stare from both girls)
Me: I think we're done with the interview for now.

It wasn't until much later (2:30am, to be exact), that I realized what "chocpaf" was...  Right before I asked the girls these questions, they were playing with their stuffed animals in the baby bath and pretending that pieces of chalk were the soap and shampoo.  Thus "chocpaf" was Chalk Bath (of course, silly Mommy!).

I took out the baby bath again this morning, and... the girls confirmed my suspicions and played Chalk Bath!

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