Sunday, February 19, 2012

Painting and Prints with Foam Stickers

Today's "Messy Morning" activity (an elaborate foil-impression-paint-project I devised) did not work out as planned, so I quickly improvised and turned it into a project based on the Kid-Friendly Printmaking Tutorial at Frugal Family Fun Blog, which I saw last month.

Foam stickers are really inexpensive and my kids like them quite a bit more than regular stickers.  The first step of this activity was to stick some foam stickers on fairly thick paper:

I couldn't resist joining in (mine is the paper in the middle with the symmetrical design).  Next I gave the girls some paint and brushes.  It was actually a really fun experience painting over the foam stickers and produced some interesting artwork on its own:

The final step, however, was to see if we could make some prints by placing another paper on top of the painted paper and using a rolling pin on top:

The results looked more like modern art than precise prints, but I think they're fabulous:

The process was really enjoyable for the girls, and this is definitely an activity we'll be repeating.



  1. yes, they are fabulous! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  2. A very cool idea for younger children! Love the modern art results.


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