Sunday, February 12, 2012

Circle Art Exploration

After breakfast yesterday, I asked the girls to go around the house and find as many circles as they could.  This ended up being a fun little scavenger hunt and they found a wide array of circles in different sizes:

Then I put some paint in shallow plastic dishes and showed them how to use these objects to make circle prints by pressing them first in the paint and then on a large piece of butcher-paper I had taped to their table:

Then we tried experimenting with using paintbrushes to paint inside the cookie cutters to make circles, use them to trace the outside of the circles, mix colors, and of course get some fingerpainting in as well.

This is the only picture I have of E (or rather, her hands), since she decided to do this activity without any clothes on.  That was probably a smart move, since it got very messy and the girls headed straight for the bath when they were done.  The final result was not the perfect masterpiece I had imagined, but it's the art experience that really counts.

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