Friday, February 3, 2012

$1 Plastic Mesh Baskets = Hours of Fun

Last weekend, I picked up two plastic baskets for the girls (30 months old) in the Target $1 section.  I couldn't have imagined how much fun we've had with these baskets.  They've been beds for stuffed animals.  They've been hats.  They've been props for an apple-picking adventure in our living room (with real apples!). 

We also came up with some great fine-motor activities with the baskets that I wanted to share.  You could also do these activities with Easter baskets, laundry baskets, or even plastic berry containers.

First we weaved ribbon through the holes of the basket:

Older kids could probably weave the ribbon going in-and-out on a single row at a time and make a really gorgeous basket.  We took a more free-form approach.

Next we put straws through the basket.  It took a lot of control to put the straw in one side and then get it to go through a hole on the other side without pushing so far that it would fall:

Finally, we hung some monkeys around the baskets:

L really loved these activities and did them over and over.  E wasn't as excited and preferred to use the baskets as beds for her 'babies'.  I'm sure we'll be coming up with a bunch more creative ways to use these baskets.  I love it when $1 finds end up being picked over expensive toys.

Click on the link party below to see the activities other kids are doing this week.

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