Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Claude Monet Artist Study

Since we learned about France last week, it seemed natural to use Claude Monet for our artist study in homeschool Kindergarten.  After looking at some of his better-known works (especially the water lilies and haystacks), and learning about impressionism, we made some art inspired by his paintings.  The picture above was a collaborative effort between me and E (almost 5) using the oil pastel / watercolor relief technique (lots of fun for Mommy too!).  We tried different mediums, as well, and by the end of the session everyone was obsessed with lily pads..

The children enjoyed using colored tissue paper the most.  I cut out some green lily pads, white circles for the lilies (with crumpled yellow tissue for the centers) and the kids glued them on their papers.  Even H (age 2.5) participated.

The result was a fun 'Monet' water lily scene.  I love that this easy craft is appropriate for a wide range of age groups (older kids can make the water beautiful by overlapping the tissue paper).

The wonderful thing about artist studies, is now my children notice Monet paintings when they appear in other picture books, advertisements, etc..  they feel like they know the artist.  Fun!

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