Wednesday, February 5, 2014

National Braille Literacy Month Activity

Did you know that January was National Braille Literacy Month?  We spent a whole day last week learning about blindness, Helen Keller, and braille..

I read the girls the Value Tales story of Helen Keller and then they watched her story on Adventures from the Book of Virtues on YouTube.  Each girl took turns putting on the blindfold and having her sister guide her around the room.

I made the girls these braille worksheets using dots of glue.  When the glue dried, each girl put on a blindfold and I guided her hand over each braille letter two spaces at a time, asking her if she felt two dots, a dot on the right or a dot on the left.  Then she filled in her own worksheet accordingly.

The girls then decoded the braille letters to get their solution.  The girls had a good time with this, and I hope they gained a new appreciation for their sense of sight and the challenges that face those who are blind.

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