Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Blogoversary to Learners in Bloom!

Yesterday (February 1st) was the anniversary of my first blog post on Learners in Bloom.  I'll be celebrating all month by putting together collections of my favorite blog posts, including:

Favorite Montessori Activities
Ideas for Cooking with Kids
Early Reading Activities
Best Preschool Math Activities
Science Activities for Little Kids
Favorite Sensory Experiences
Physical Movement and Dramatic Play Activities
Homemade Learning Games
Literature-based Activities
Crafts and Art Experiences

Stay tuned to this blog and Facebook Page for updates.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Tot School - 16 Months

Baby H is 16 months old.  I have to admit that I'm super-excited about him reaching the age where he understands more and can do focused activities.  It's been hard dividing my attention up between three young kids, especially when his older sisters are doing things that are, frankly, more interesting for a parent to engage in.  Although H is perfectly content exploring various toys on his own or watching me work with his sisters, I've still managed to carve out certain times of the day just for him.  I really enjoy our special one-on-one time playing and learning together.  I usually don't "spoil the moment" by taking out my camera when I'm playing with H, but I managed to capture a couple of the homemade games and activities we've been doing..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Picture Pie

The other day, L (3.5) and I played with Ed Emberley's Picture Pie book and made our own unique artwork using pieces cut from circles.  It was a fun math/art activity that used lots of fine motor skills like tracing, folding, cutting, and gluing.  Check it out...