Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Type a Story - Reading, Spelling, and Creativity

I can't take credit for this activity, because my daughter L (3 years old) came up with it almost all on her own.  My girls typed up sentences (with some help), printed them out, cut out the words, glued the words back together in the correct order on another piece of paper and illustrated their stories.  If you want to see the final results, read on...

When the girls ask to type on my computer, they pick their own words and usually the only help I need to provide is reminding them to sound out each letter.  L has gotten to the point where she can spell some CVC words completely on her own, while E needs a bit more guidance.  On this particular day, after L chose to write "mom", "dad", "dog", and "pat", she decided that she need to put them in a sentence.  So I helped her rearrange the words and add the ones that were missing to write "Mom and dad pat a dog."   E also wrote a sentence "Mom and dad love E-".

Our printer is downstairs and we usually use the photocopier more often than printing from the laptop, so I was surprised when L suggested that I print her story.  Then she worked on illustrating it on the printed paper.

Her first attempt didn't work out (I thought it was cute, but L didn't like it), so I cut out her sentence so she could glue it on her second picture.  L asked for her own scissors so she could cut out the words.  Putting the sentence back together was quite a challenge since L is good at sounding out words phonetically, but she struggles with recognizing whole words.

She worked very diligently.  And the finished masterpiece....

Isn't it adorable?  She actually expanded on the story where the Mom and Dad are ghosts and the dog is a ghost-dog (don't worry - they are friendly ghosts!).

E drew a really nice picture too, but then she proceeded to cut it into tiny pieces before I had a chance to take a picture (ahh.. fun with scissors!)

Spelling, typing, drawing, cutting, and gluing - what a fun project this was!  We'll definitely be doing it again.

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  1. What a great learning idea! At that age I would open up Word for them and just let them type away (although they weren't real words). I agree that what your daughter did is adorable! Thank you for linking up this week to my Enchanted Thursdays Blog Hop!


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