Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yogurt Dots and Banana Ice Cream

Last week I tried out two snacks that I found on Pinterest: Frozen Yogurt Dots, and One Ingredient Banana Ice-Cream.  Initially I was planning on having the girls help me make these for our weekly Cooking Day, but I was low on time, so I made them myself while the kids played with play-dough (making their our meals for their 'babies').  Both treats were fairly easy to make...

For the Frozen Yogurt Dots, I put some Greek yogurt in a plastic bag and cut the corner so I could squeeze little drops on some wax paper.  After 15 minutes in the freezer, I used a spatula to remove them.

The results were delicious and the dots were gone within minutes.  The girls have asked for these repeatedly (I need to buy some yogurt so we can make more).

We had four very ripe bananas, so I made some Banana "Ice Cream" (ice cream is in quotes because this frozen dessert has the texture of soft-serve ice cream but the only ingredient is bananas).  I chopped up the bananas into small pieces and put them on wax paper and in the freezer:

After they were frozen, they went into the food processor until the mixture had a creamy consistency:

I also added some peanut butter (which is optional, of course).  And voila.. ice cream.. well sort of..

This one had mixed reviews.  E didn't touch it, but L ate most of what was in her bowl.  My husband didn't like it at all (but he doesn't like bananas much), but I thought it was wonderful.  I ended up eating the majority of the 'ice cream' myself.  I don't know if I'll be making this one again since the rest of the family wasn't too keen on it, but at least the yogurt drops were a success.

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