Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Mailboxes and Messages

L and E are 30 months old.

In preparation for Valentine's Day, the girls and I decorated mailboxes with heart stickers and dot paint.  L loves to peel the backs off the stickers all by herself, and E enjoyed putting the "Mommy hearts" and "Baby hearts" next to each other on her mailbox.  They also made some written love notes for their babies (Floppy Dog, Baby Duck, and Two Bears). 

L writing 'LOVE' by herself - she said the names of the letters as she wrote them.

 E drawing.  She was very focused on her work, and the final result was very pretty modern art.

L loves to trace, so I made her a heart and the word 'LOVE' to trace.  The problem is I told her to 'connect the dots', which confused her on certain letters.  We'll definitely do more tracing activities coming up, since it looks like she's ready for them.

We left the decorated mailboxes in the living room, and it's fun to see the girls go to them throughout the day and peek inside.  

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