Thursday, June 22, 2017

Math and Magic in Camelot!

After a long hiatus from blogging, I'm back with a wonderful surprise!  I'm very excited to announce the release of the second book in the Math and Magic Adventures series - "Math and Magic in Camelot"...

When Lulu and Elizabeth find themselves in Camelot, they are expecting to meet King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Instead, the twins enter the world of the Lily Maidens, an organization of women who travel through legends and time in pursuit of knowledge.  
But dark forces are uniting against the Kingdom; Merlin, the Black Pig, and a vast army of men and mythological beasts are marching for Camelot's gate. Only the magic of science, mathematics, and poetry can preserve honor's code and defend the Kingdom against the impending onslaught of evil.

In "Math and Magic in Camelot", you’ll find references to traditional Arthurian legends as well as the Celtic mythology from which they originated.  However, since this book takes place AA (“After Arthur”), the ladies of the court will have a chance to shape their own narrative of honor and bravery.
This novel is very different from "Math and Magic in Wonderland", but you'll just have to read it for yourself to find out how this book differs from the first book in the series.  "Math and Magic in Camelot" can also be enjoyed on its own.  In addition to the exciting adventure story, if you choose to complete each chapter's "Play Along" activities, you will also:
  • Learn about homing pigeons and the heroic Cher Ami.
  • Make a compass as you explore magnetoreception.
  • Discover patterns in poetry.
  • Explore knot theory.
  • Learn about phosphorescent mice.  
  • Calculate your longitude using a sundial.
  • Find your latitude using a home-made astrolabe and the North Star.  
  • Test out a multiplication nomogram.
  • Familiarize yourself with the British folklore of King Arthur.  
  • Identify the parts of a flower and explore the members of the rose family.
  • Learn binary counting (base 2).  
  • Explore the poetry of William Butler Yeats.
  • Grow sucrose crystals.
  • Solve the missing gem (dollar) puzzle.
  • Explore the pigeonhole principle.
  • Learn about Gregor Mendel, the "father of modern genetics".
  • Read about the life and poetry of Emily Dickinson.
  • Learn more about the Victoria plant.
  • Decipher Middle English.
  • Explore the principle of buoyancy with a floating egg experiment.  
  • Find pi with Buffon's needle.
  • Test the Brachistochrone curve to see if a cycloid is faster than a direct path.
  • Solve "fill and empty" puzzles.
  • Solve the Chinese Remainder problem.
  • Find out why the Aspen is the largest organism on Earth.
  • Solve toothpick puzzles.
  • Learn to identify friendly numbers.
  • Explore the mathematics of musical intervals by making your own string instrument.
  • Find out the number of colors necessary to color a map.
  • Cut a clay cone into conic sections.
  • Experiment with the Monty Hall problem.  
  • Solve poetry codes.
  • And much, much, more!
Stay tuned to this blog as I post additional resources and enrichment activities for "Math and Magic in Camelot".  Click below for affiliate links to the Math and Magic Adventures series:



  1. Yay, it's finally here. We love your books!

  2. I love the whole math and magic series! like its so much fun to follow it for adults even so for kids its special!

  3. Its good to have you back. you were missed in your absence! and you are back with a really good news! This seems to be good for kids

  4. Completely new to your series of Math and Magic Click to Buy Books.


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