Sunday, April 17, 2016

Homeschool Week in Review: April 11 - April 15, 2016

Doing schoolwork in a plague mask?  It's just another day in our homeschool.  Here's what we covered this week...


We learned about the Black Death (bubonic plague) in Story of The World Vol 2, and made plague masks.  The kids enjoyed acting out how the plague was spread (they took turns playing a flea, a rat, and a human).  We also watched a short animated documentary on the history of rats (from the movie Ratatouille).  I was really interested to learn about the impact of the plague changed the face of Europe - after a third of the population was wiped out, the feudal system became weak (from a lack of farmers/peasants to do all the work), and many farmers ended up owning their former master's lands and homes as people moved to urban settings.


We explored genetics and DNA this week.


The twins worked on rounding numbers to the nearest ten, practiced their multiplication facts, and reviewed area / perimeter, counting money, and telling time.

Language Arts

We finished the first chapter of Sentence Island.  The kids are already in love with the story and its main character, a fish named Mud.  They have been working all week on identifying complete sentences versus fragments.  A favorite writing activity was composing sentences together.  I folded a piece of paper in half and invited one of the twins would write a subject on one side and the other twin to write a predicate on the other side.  The resulting sentences were hilarious.


In Song School Latin, we learned the names of various objects in the classroom and house (chair, table, pencil, book, house, door, window, wall).

For more learning and fun be sure to check out the LaLaLogic Critical Thinking Curriculum for Preschoolers which I developed.

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