Monday, March 23, 2015

Learning about the Arctic

Last month we read two books about the Arctic.. The girls read Polar Bears Past Bedtime by Mary Pope Osbourne independently for their Calvert online school, and I read aloud The Eskimo Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins to all the children during our daily Circle Time.  My own twins (five and a half years old) did some fun crafts to go along with the Arctic theme, and even wrote their first book reports...

The polar bear masks were very easy for the girls to make independently and turned out very cute.  I simply gave them paper plates, construction paper, cotton balls, and a glue stick and they figured the rest out on their own.  

The kids also made an igloo out of mini-marshmallows.  We started out with paper cups and an entrance made of a cut toilet paper role.  I assisted the kids in getting this base together, but the building with mini-marshmallows was all completed on their own.  We used regular white glue to hold it all together (except ours was colored blue from another craft).  It was a great looking craft, and not too hard to make.  Next winter, I'd like to purchase some science thermometers and have the kids do experiments on the insulating power of snow (take the temperature inside / outside an igloo made of snow. 

I invited the girls to summarize The Eskimo Twins book in their journals.  They did a fabulous job!

Their independent writing has really improved since the beginning of the school year, and I love all the cute illustrations they made to go along with their narrations.

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