Sunday, February 16, 2014

Homeschool Kindergarten Lesson Plans - Weeks 21-25

Although we've been doing a lot of themes recently in homeschool Kindergarten, there is plenty of playing and learning activities that don't exactly fall within the context of those thematic units.  This post will be a mishmash of all that "other stuff" we've been doing that I haven't had a chance to blog about...

The other day the wind nearly blew our sand-table off our deck so my husband brought it inside (at 4am).  They had just played with the sand the previous day and I'm really glad that I didn't make a big deal of how they were tossing most of the sand off the deck (they were making it "snow") because after the wind was done blowing the lid off the sand table the next day there wasn't any sand left anyway.  I let the girls put rice in it, instead, and make a scene with their plastic dinosaur figures.  I made a big fuss about how responsible they are and how I know they'll keep the rice in the table instead of spreading it all over the floor - and they were wonderful with it as I took a nap!

Earlier in the week this was not quite the case - as all three kids dumped out clothes, decorative stick, and packaging peanuts (which were apparently inside the vase) all over the floor.  There was actually some organization behind this chaos...

 .. they were building a new nest for their chicken puppet (because "The Guys" took it).  Now the kids did help me clean up the epic mess... for about 10 minutes... the other 50+ minutes I cleaned on my own.

The twins do a lot of their learning through playing games (like "Can You Build What I Build?" pictured above).

E wanted to do a "math activity" with the HISSS snake game. She made up the rules (which involved a lot of counting).  I love that math is so much fun that they want to include it in their games!

The girls made their own puzzles by cutting up old calendar images.

Taking pictures with my camera is a new favorite hobby for the kids.  They've actually gotten pretty good at it, and it's so much fun downloading the photos from my camera and seeing all these surprise pictures of the world through my daughters' eyes.  I'll have to sift through them and post the best ones at some point.

The girls made their own Olympic torches from a wrapping paper roll, paper cup, and construction paper.  They were a lot less interested in the opening ceremonies than I thought they'd be, and fell asleep pretty soon after it started.

I wrapped wax paper around their feet (secured by hair bands) and let them "ice skate" around the house.

I also found a math worksheet about winter sports that L enjoyed (E lost interest after the coloring part was done and she had to do addition).

I tried to do Valentine-themed activities with the girls last week.


One of their assignments was to draw a heart with a picture of a person or thing they like in it, and then write "I love ____ with all my heart."  E drew a picture of Mommy (wearing the same outfit I wore all week), while L drew a picture of.. chocolate cake! 

There were lots (and lots and lots) of heart-themed crafts this week.

When the girls locked us all out of my bedroom, they had to remove the doorknob themselves with a screwdriver.  Either I'm teaching the kids a valuable lesson about natural consequences and problem solving, or I'm unintentionally encouraging them to start taking the house apart (or locking doors on purpose so they can do this again)!

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