Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cooking With Kids: Mini Pizzas

For our weekly Cooking Day, the girls and I made mini-pizzas.  Not only was this a fairly easy kid-friendly cooking activity, but the results turned into a great lunch that my husband and I enjoyed as well.  Here's how we did it..

The girls helped me mix and knead the dough for the pizza crust (we used gluten-free Pamela's bread mix, and I'm pretty sure gluten free dough doesn't require kneading, but it was fun anyway).  The dough recipe required some olive oil, yeast, and warm water.  I also added a bit of onion powder, garlic powder, and Italian seasoning to make it extra yummy.  L and I helped me roll out the dough and cut out circles using the largest cookie cutter we could find.  Then they made play-dough pizzas while the crust was in the oven (15 minutes).

While I set up the topping stations buffet-style, the girls ate all the toppings (pepperoni and green olives) - note to self: don't cook with hungry kids unless you want to do everything twice.  The process was easy and fun.  First we spread the sauce:

Then sprinkled the cheese:

Added toppings:

Then back to the oven until everything was melted (approx 5 minutes):

Our mini-pizzas turned out quite tasty indeed. Mmmm..

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