Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Teaching Kids to Think {LaLaLogic.com Review}

I want my kids to be problem solvers.  I want them to approach new challenges with confidence.   I want my children to grow to become men and women of "infinite-resource-and-sagacity".  I want them to be thinkers!  

This is where early education often fails.  It seems that these days so much emphasis is put on academic skills (learning to read, learning to add/subtract, memorizing facts, etc..) that the cognitive skills that are the building blocks of learning are often neglected.  If young children had the chance to play in ways that trained their brains in areas such as visual-spatial recognition, working memory, attention, and fluid reasoning using multi-sensory experiences, their capacity for learning would be increased.  

Two years ago (while raising my three young children) I quit my job as a software engineer and set out to develop my own curriculum to teach kids to become better problem solvers.  Today I'm proud to announce the official release of the La La Logic Critical Thinking Curriculum for children ages 3-6.

The La La Logic Critical Thinking Curriculum contains 100 weeks of lessons (for only $25!).  Each week has three components - online Brain Challenges, printable worksheets and Enrichment Sets that include multi-sensory activities to complete with your children...

Brain Challenges

I developed over 40 different types of "Brain Challenges" (disguised as fun computer games) that focus on various cognitive functions.  Most of them progress in difficulty as the child moves through the curriculum.  From my personal experience, if I give these Brain Challenges to my children for 5-10 minutes in the morning, they are more focused and receptive to other learning activities throughout the day.  (By the way, the online activities can be played on any PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device with a recent web browser)


It was important for me to create a curriculum that had both online and offline components.  I think young children need to cut, paste, and color to develop fine motor skills.  They also need to interact with their parents or caregivers.  I designed 100 worksheets - one for each week in the curriculum to reinforce some of the skills in the Brain Challenges, while adding fine motor skills practice and an offline sensory experience. These worksheets are easy enough for my 3 year old boy to complete them, but are still engaging enough for my 5 year old twins to enjoy.  

Enrichment Sets

The enrichment sets are lesson plans for activities that parents can complete with their children twice a week.  They include activities such as:
  • Literature - read a classic story to your child and choose from a set of related activities
  • Logic Puzzles - from Mobius Strips to the Tower of Hanoi puzzle
  • Dramatic Play - use language skills and imagination to act out scenarios
  • Math Games - sort household objects, go on a 3D shape hunt, and more
  • Rhythm and Movement  - learn songs, finger plays, and explore movement
  • Poetry - teach your child to memorize classic poems
  • and more...

All these activities can be completed with items found around the house.  They can easily be adapted to provide a greater challenge for children who are reading and writing.

My son H, who just turned three, is reading sentences and completing some first grade math problems.  Is it all due to this curriculum? Not completely, but I do like to think that all the logic games I've been playing with him since he could barely sit up, have something to do with it. (That's not really his picture above, if you're wondering).

What I like best about the La La Logic Critical Thinking Curriculum is that it doesn't require a huge time commitment, planning, or the purchase of additional materials.  You really don't need to invest in expensive learning systems or force your young children to spend hours studying every day in order to help them become better problem solvers.  This curriculum leaves plenty of time for children to do the one thing they should be doing the most - playing!

I'm offering this curriculum for only $25 (for 100 weeks of lessons, unlimited access to the website and all the printable worksheets/enrichment sets, as well as the ability to track the progress of up to five children).  I'm also including a 30 day money-back-guarantee if you don't end up loving this curriculum as much as I do.  

Please go to http://www.lalalogic.com to check it out!


  1. I'm in Rox too, and saw your post this morning. So this is $25 per household? As I have 2 kids. It tracks them separately with logins? Terri

  2. Is there a time limit on usage? I have a 1 1/2 year old who can already recognize the entire alphabet in any order. But not sure she has the attention span yet. I also have a 3 month old, and would want her to use it as well. Thanks. Michelle

  3. There is not time limit - you are paying for the content, and have unlimited access to the website. The 100 week schedule is just a guideline. You can utilize any parts of the curriculum that are appropriate for your child, and can come back to use it for her as well as younger siblings in the future without having to pay again. I started my son on some of the Brain Challenges when he was younger than 2 - I'd have him sit on my lap and work with him at the computer at first and then let him try some of them on the iPad on his own when he was a bit older. The worksheets can also be completed by younger children who can use glue sticks and dot paints, and many of the extension activities are appropriate for the younger set (dramatic play, logic games with household objects, etc..). If you purchase the curriculum and your child is not developmentally ready for certain aspects of it, you can always return to it later since your access to the website never expires. Sorry for the lengthy response - hopefully that answers your question!



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