Sunday, June 29, 2014

Tot School - 33 Months

H is 33 months old and it's amazing how much his attention span and capacity for learning new things has jumped in the past month.  The line between Tot School and Homeschool Kindergarten (with big sisters) has become blurred as H participates in most of our homeschooling activities.  Here's a bit of what he's been up to lately..

H drew his first person!  Up until now I've only seen him draw scribbles, lines, and circles.  I wish I could take credit for this achievement, but it was 100% his sisters who taught him how to draw faces.

H is a wonderful test subject for the new learning curriculum I've developed (coming soon!).  He's been using the iPad for all sorts of logic games, puzzles, early math, and learning to read.

I occasionally take out All About Reading Level 1 for H, but I haven't been very consistent.  He's getting good at sounding out CVC words without much assistance.

One day while I was on my computer, I heard H sounding out some words.  I thought he was just playing around, but when I looked over at him, he had actually SPELLED words on the fridge from magnets!  (He used an upside down Q instead of an O, and MES had one S, but this wasn't random - he actually knew what he was spelling since he read his own words).

Sorting has become second nature to him... H sorts groups of items even when I don't ask him to.

H is quickly catching up to his sisters in number skills.  Dominoes are a favorite activity.

We do a lot of fine motor skills work like threading buttons on a pipe cleaner.

The twins (almost 5) are always making up new games, and they are finally including their little brother.

We've had a lot of outdoor time and water sensory play now that summer is finally here.

After a busy day of Tot School and play, a little guy's got to get some rest!

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